Important Facts About Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : September 9, 2010
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Important Facts about Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy is an underage female between 13 -19 that becomes pregnant. During pregnancy, many females drop-out of school to deliver and take care of their child. There are many issues which occur with teenage girls during their pregnancy. The top three issues are emotional, social, and health problems. There are many thing that you can do to avoid becoming pregnancy abstinence as an option, sexual pressure, and Clarifying the values and setting boundaries.

The first option could be abstinence. Abstinence can help people meet their goals. When someone becomes pregnant, it changes their lives. It can make it hard for them to finish school and to find them a good job. The only way to avoid pregnancy is not to have sex. According to Anna Kreiner, having a boyfriend or girlfriend in the teen years can be very exciting. Having a guy or girl notice you make you feel special. You may experience new feeling that are wonderful at times and frustrating at other times. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may be pressing you to go, or further than you know today that engaging in sex can lead to anything from pleasure to deadly consequences. Abstinence is the only way to prevent the sexual transmission of AIDs and to avoid other STDs and Pregnancy (6-7).

More than 85 percent of teenage pregnancies are unplanned, and at least half of them occur within the first month of sexually activity. Abstinence is choosing not to engage in sexually activity. Sometimes people that put pressure on them but the best way to avoid pregnancy is by saying NO.

According to the author, “Abstinence means deciding not to give in to a desire or a craving. Some people abstain from the temptation of drinking alcohol or taking drugs; other abstains from eating too many sweets. In general people think of sexual abstinence as abstaining from sexual intercourse” (Ayer 8-9).

Sexual Abstinence can be a good choice, and it also can be a difficult choice. It is difficult to some because there are some that are forced by their friends who are already having sex. They will say that it is cool, glamorous, and that it is for grown ups, and if a person does not do it they will tease and will call that person names. According to the author, obviously abstinence is not the only option available. Many teens do get involved in sexual relationships during high school. By the age of fifteen, 27 percent of American males are sexually active, as are 22 percent of American females. By the age of sixteen, these numbers have jumped to 45 percent for males and 38 percent for females. These numbers are only getting larger. Sexual activity among teens is increasing steadily. These days, the average age at which young Americans first have sexual intercourse is at the age sixteen. By the time they have graduated from high school, 66 percent of the teens have already had sex. (Ayer14-15)

Today there are more than a million teenage girls in the U.S. who become pregnant each year. There are some teenagers that watch more than three hours of television and it is exposing them in sex related scene and images. Some parents don’t take the time to talk to their children about abstinence as an option. There are some parents who do talk about abstinence but the children don’t take the time to listen and do what the parents say. They often tend to talk about saving yourself for marriage. According to the author, “The media, peer pressure, and today’s lifestyles push many teens to have sex before they are ready. According to recent study, 90 percent of girls under the age of sixteen who responded said they “wanted to learn how to say no to sex”. In the past people were expected to “save themselves for marriage’ to remain virgins until marriage. This idea is slowly gaining popularity with today’s teens, who are promising themselves in growing numbers that they will not have sex before marriage no matter how great the...
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