Teenage Pregnancy

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La Huerta, Lungsod ng Paranaque

Research Paper in English IV

“Study in Early Teen Age Pregancy”

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1 ALLANIGUE, Ma. Isabel
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38 VILLAFLOR, Khauleen
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18 FELICIANO, Alyssa

IV- St. Rita De Cascia

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Teacher, English IV

School Year 2011-2012
To assess the factors associated with adolescent pregnancies among secondary students at Tanga municipality. METHODOLOGY
A cross sectional descriptive analytical study which targeted all girls in secondary schools at Tanga municipality, RESULTS
Low socioeconomic status was found to be an important cause for adolescent pregnancies as 57.1% of respondents suggested. Other factors responsible were luxury and deprivation of education to girls (43.5% and 16.5% respectively). Source of reproductive health education was contrary to most previous studies as 82.6% reported to get it from parents and health centres, while schools and peer groups contributed only 29.1% and 7.2% respectively.

Parents and guardians are important source of reproductive health education to adolescents and useful for prevention of early pregnancies. Early marriages are not as much important as source of adolescent pregnancies.

I encourage parents/guardians, to educate their children on reproductive issues, and to increase access to education for girls, which is of paramount importance in preventing adolescent pregnancies.



Barangay La Huerta has a total land area of 121.72 hectares to include Freedom Island, which is composed of 21 streets and divided into 4 puroks (areas). The barangay is mostly composed of residential and commercial establishments. The three main roads mentioned above are elevated from the community.  Its main sources of livelihood are primarily general commerce, followed by fishing, vending, and salt-making Location

Barangay La Huerta is located at the southern street of Quirino Avenue of the City of Paranaque. It is bounded on the north by Bgy. Don Galo and the Paranaque River, on the east by Bgy. Sto. Niño, Bgy. San Dionision on the south, and the waters of Manila Bay on the west. There are three main roads that traverse the barangay, namely E. Aguinaldo Hi-way (formerly the Manila-Cavite coastal road), Quirino Avenue and the Ninoy Aquino Avenue. Historical background

La Huerta is a Spanish word which means "orchard", a place thick with fruits, flowers and trees. A long time ago, the barrio was like a garden where people picked flowers, fruits and trees that offered a breath-taking sight. It had a very beautiful garden where young ladies and men strolled together. Even the friars, Spaniards and señoritas enjoyed spending time in the garden. People from as far as the southern province of Batangas could not refrain from stopping and admiring the place.  However, since there was no one to maintain the famous garden, the orchard slowly deteriorated. Hence, at present, not even a trace of those trees and plants can be found.  

Conceptual Frame Work

Teenage Pregnancy

Related Literature
Theories of Moral Responsibility
* To say a person is responsible in this sense is to say that the person is deserving of blame. * This sense of "responsible" seems to imply fault.
* That is, when we say people are responsible in this sense we are evaluating their behavior relative to some principle or standard. * Those responsible in this evaluative sense may also be responsible in one of the other senses of the term * an assessment of responsibility in one of the first three senses is often the basis for attributing responsibility in this fourth sense

Moral Responsibility: Accountability for the actions one performs and the consequences they bring about, for which a moral agent could be justly punished or...
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