Teenage Pregnancy

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Social Problem
* Teenage Pregnancy has become an increasing social problem in the U.S. today. * Guttmacher.org (research institute for sexual health) states that an average of 750,000 women between ages 15-19 get pregnant every year. * Nearly 1/3 of all teen pregnancies end in abortion

* 10% of all U.S. births are to teens
* 2/3 of all teen pregnancies occur among 18-19 year olds Consequences of teen pregnancy
* Many teen mothers stop after a highschool diploma or GED and do not continue on to college * 25% of 15-24 year old sexually active people account for half of all new STI’s each year (including HPV) * Babies born to teens have higher risk of low-birth rate Sociological Perspective

* Conflict theory perspective focuses on how poverty, economic inequality, and problems in education contribute to teen pregnancy. What does conflict perspective say?
According to text, teens from low socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to become teen parents. Teens with poor health regimens more likely to bear infants of low-birth weight, prematurity, etc. Teens who do poorly in school lack educational ambition, causing higher risk of teen pregnancy. Three Solutions

* The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
* Planned Parenthood
* Communities of Color Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Act of 2010

What are their missions?
* National Campaign: organization that raises awareness regarding teen pregnancy. Uses the media, community service, and Education to spread the message. * Planned Parenthood: organization committed to providing education & medical care for women struggling with pregnancy. Also provides contraceptives, medical advice, tests, etc. * Prevention Act of 2010: Introduced to H.R. in April 2010. Allows funding for teen pregnancy advocacy programs. (act still in legislative process). Effectiveness

Which solution is most effective? Why?
* National Campaign – uses...
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