Rite of Passage Paper

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Rite of Passage Paper

Rite of Passage Paper
Life begins with the birth of everyone and will end with their deaths. There are several rites of passages that will occur through their life time such as their graduation, wedding, and having children. The most difficult times in a person’s life is when they are going through adolescence, which is the time the person is going through childhood to adulthood. There are many obstacles they have to overcome during this difficult time. It seems with the changing times that teenagers have more challenges they have to face. It seems that teenager’s peers and the media have the most effect on a teenager’s life. It seems that they are affected by the more risqué shows and music that are in the media today. The internet has impacted teenagers the most because it can get the word spread faster than gossip in the old days. The internet is used by teenagers to pressure them into falling into other teens groups. A teen’s rites of passage are very difficult with all these new factors that are in play. Some of these rites of passage could include going to prom, getting a license, and dating. When children hit puberty they tend to re-evaluate their identity and where they fit in. It seems that with the new emphasis on social acceptance reflects on a teenager’s need to be accepted by their peers. Their need to be accepted by their peers is a big change from childhood. This is the time in their lives when they spend less time with family and more time with their peers, so how their peers perceive them is important to them. A teenager’s friend becomes a second family and they tend to adapt to their social and moral values. This is a time when a teenager gets their license and this represents their freedom to explore new territory. It shows that your parents have given you more responsibility and trust to handle yourself. The way a teenager handles this new responsibility is a concern for...
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