Rh Bill

Topics: Pregnancy, Marriage, Family Pages: 4 (543 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Reaction paper on RH Bill
by Justine Mae Catbagan

The first time I heard about RH bill, I totally ignore it thinking that it is not relevant for a

young student like me. But recently because of the many debates on television and news

about the RH Bill I realize that it is involve me and all the Filipinos even those who are

not born yet.

I am Pro RH bill thought I have limited knowledge about it because I think that it’s about

time that we do something about the exploding population in the Philippines because I

believe that it is one of the main reason why many Filipinos suffers from poverty. I think

that controlling our population will help to ease poverty in our country. I always see

parents who have many children and sometime they can’t fully support their family’s

needs especially on foods and education. Because of that there are so many children and

adults that are malnourished and some don’t have proper shelter so they live on streets

and under bridges. there are also many students drops out in school and join gangs and do

illegal activities like taking drugs and do petty crimes, some drops out because there

parents cant support their education so they married early and make the mistake there

parents did. Some of these parents abandon their children or give them away to their

relatives because they can’t raise them anymore but they continue on having more

children because they don’t know anything about family planning. So I believe that the

government should teach them family planning even using artificial method even many

religious churches disagree on it.

 It is also important to educate the youth like me on the reproductive health because there

are so many young girl I know that getting pregnant and some of them think that abortion

is the solution of their problem, not knowing the danger it will do to them and may lead

to their death. There are also many of our youth engage on...
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