Technology or Design

Topics: User interface, User interface design, Usability Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Is it more important to have great design or to have the best technology? Good technology is nothing but creation of solutions that apply scientific knowledge to address everyday problems. There is absolutely no doubt that Technology has played a significant role in transforming our day to day activities and making a big difference in the way the world operates today. But can technology solve all our business problems? Definitely not! Having the best technology does not always guarantee the right solution or yield value added results. Yes, to a great extend technology has helped improve efficiency, increase productivity, drive automation, standardize processes and workflows and minimize manual errors. However that is just one side of the coin. Having the right strategy, design, change management and adoption plan are some of the other aspects that needs to be carefully taken into account to ensure success. Having the right design and good technology are nothing but two sides of the same coin. One cannot and must not overlook the other. Over the years we’ve seen a large number of products fail in the market simply because of the fact that one of these vectors were over looked. No matter how cutting edge or robust the technology is unless the design is right, the product has a very low probability of success. In a similar fashion having a flamboyant or classy design does not always guarantee success unless the right technology is used. Again in both these cases innovation and differentiation is key. A very good example of this is the way Apple has revolutionized the music industry. By creating an innovative and unique product with the right design Apple was able to both create a new niche market for itself and convince customers about the need for using their products. Along those same lines in the services industry, inspite of the fact that the latest technology is being used we see a bulk of large scale technology implementations fail simply because of the fact...
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