Technology Within Business

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Should technological advancement in business be the most important objective?

Technological advancements should not be the most imperative goal in businesses today. Imperative, meaning that it is not the most important factor for businesses to consider nor should it be the main priority. Technological advancements mean the development of technologies that have yet been created. It can lead to a dependency on technology, loss of jobs due to people being replaced by technology and can be highly costly for businesses to implement the technologies.

Firstly, by having technological advancements as the most imperative goal in businesses it can result in a dependency on technology. Dependency means that the company’s main reliance is on technology in order to function. Therefore if the technology fails then the business can become unsuccessful. For example this reliance on technology was made evident when the computers that ran the power for Melbourne tunnels failed in October 2012 and resulted in the Melbourne tunnels being shut down (ABC, 2012, para 1). On the other hand, technology can result in a more efficient workplace and work environment. For example Intel has increased their productivity through wireless notebooks by five percent per employee (Rungta, Tierney, Towles, 2008, p2). However when technology does breakdown it can cause larger problems such as, a loss of customer reliability and data los. This was made evident when a fault occurred in Commonwealth Bank Automated Teller Machines and online banking system in March 2012 and resulted in customers being able to overdraw their account (Zappone, 2012, para). Therefore, organisation’s need to focus on strategies that allow people to work with minimal technology. Hence, it is evident that companies should not depend on technology because it is not always reliable and can negatively affect a businesses performance. Therefore technological advancements should not be imperative for a business today....
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