Technology and Graphic Design

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Graphic design is an industry that is greatly misunderstood. The role of graphic designers is unclear to many. Cindy Wong (date) illustrates the meaning and aim of graphic design in her paper (….). She describes graphic design as the art of choosing and arranging visual images, texts and ideas to communicate an idea effectively. She discusses the three main roles of graphic design which is to identify, inform and promote an idea to an audience. She discusses the obstacles that designers face today due to the abundance of advertisements and signs and how there is a growing amount of pressure on designers to break through the clutter and create something that captures the eye of the audience. She points out the importance of learning the different elements that need to be combined to form an effective graphic design. She discusses the importance of the effective use of tools of visual communication and typefaces. Wong’s view is that the audience needs to be understood and designers need to speak the language of the audience so they understand the message being brought across to them.

In order to understand the importance of graphic design and the evolution of this industry we need to look back to the origins of design. This is depicted to us in Meggs History of Graphic Design (2006) where the history of graphic design is examined in detail. We see the first signs of design which are noted in early human markings found in Africa and Europe dating back almost 200 000 years where colours were made from natural resources such as charcoal and iron oxides. These are noted as the dawning of visual communications, because the early pictures were made for survival, and for utilitarian and ritualistic purposes. Meggs further examines the evolution of writing through the ages and the expansion of the ability of writing to record information. You can see the differences between the various styles, artists, and the influences on their work throughout evolution. He then...