Design and Technology

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Design and Technology Assessment 1

----Major Design Proposal


Page 1


Title Page-----------------------------------------------Page 1

Content--------------------------------------------------Page 2

Analysis Possible Project--------------------------- Page 3

Identification of need to develop MDP--------- Page 4

Action, Time& Finance plan------------------------Page 5

Design Brief---------------------------------------------Page 5

Area of Investigation---------------------------------Page 6

Criteria to evaluate success-------------------------Page7

Selecting Resources and Ideas---------------------Page 9

Four initial sketches with a preliminary

Chosen sketch------------------------------------------Page 11

Page 2

Wall unit

Model of environmental house

Drawer and shelf for study table

Possible Project

Coffee Table

Dress or T-shirt (100% using recycle materials)


Depending on personal ability and own hobbies, I list 5 ideas for possible Major Design Project. I have decided to choose “A drawer and shelf for study table”. I choose this idea because I have done some similar project based on furniture. As survey shows that most student (include myself) think their study table is mess and less space for placing text book and equipment(Glue, Scissors etc.). And as I research, it has not been performed before. I think people will interest and enjoying.

Page 3

Identification of the needs to develop the MDP

I am building this drawer and shelf because of numerous purposes:

• To save physical space in dwellings
• To save clutter on desk
• To be an innovative product and promote to the market • To be recuperate and tidy


Exploration of Needs

My fundamental need for this product is to save physical space for the owners. The specific purpose for this desk is Diversification. As the research method (Interview) visiting friends I have seen that their desks where their computer takes the most surface area and there is no space for them to fit any book s, stationery and any A3 sheet of papers. Their way of solving this was to buy another desk or a wall desk which nothing is kept on. My design is made so that people don’t have to worry about buying another desk, build for good study session and applicable working environment for the owners.

Target Market:

Page 4

The target market is very big as it applies to all people. I think a majority of the target market is parents looking for a new desk for their sons and daughters when they are in senior school.

It is possible this major project become a commercial product due to the increasing trend of products that make life simpler. If the product can promote in the market, the price would be able to be adjusted for variables for factors such as the thickness of the timber. By the price being flexible it would be able to reach a further target market for those who can’t afford the table including all the features.

Motivation of the Product

My main motivation for this project is to design and produce a project which is innovative my interests and hobbies. My current interests are Technical drawing which in particular Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Graphic Design. I have a very large interest in building wooden scale models or projects consisting of wood work (have fun from personal manufacture)

I have a lot of experience with wood from construction. I help my friend (who is doing construction working). I gained proficient experience in the areas of: Cutting and measuring timber to length, ability to use drop saw, jigsaw. Learn how to use different types of nails,...
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