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College of Adult and Professional Studies
CIS 453 – Information Systems Strategy


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Rev. January 28, 2013

Instructor Information
Name: Dr. Jason Ferguson Contact Information: 316-295-5541

Course Description
This course will explore the issues and approaches in managing the information systems function in organizations and how the IS function integrates / supports / enables various types of organizational capabilities. It takes a senior management perspective in exploring the acquisition, development and implementation of plans and policies to achieve efficient and effective information systems – delivering value with IT. The course will address issues relating to defining the high-level IS infrastructure and the systems that support the operational, administrative and strategic needs of the organization – IT governance. The remainder of the course will focus on developing an intellectual framework that will allow leaders of organizations to critically assess existing IS infrastructures and emerging technologies as well as how these enabling technologies might affect organizational strategy – IT innovation. The ideas developed and cultivated in this course are intended to provide an enduring perspective that can help leaders make sense of an increasingly globalized and technology intensive business environment – IT capability management. Credit Hours: 3 Credit Hours

Overview and Course Goals
1. Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and practice. 2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in their work environment. 3. Gain new knowledge directly from the work environment. 4. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and solve problems within their work environment. 5. Demonstrate the ability to define and implement theory and innovative practices within their work environment. Topical Outline 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Developing and Delivering on the IT Value Proposition Developing IT strategy for Business Value Communicating with Business Managers Building a Strong Relationship with the Business Developing IT Professionalism Information Management: the Nexus of Business and IT ©2013 Friends University

Rev. January 28, 2013

7. The IT Budgeting Process 8. Creating and Evolving a Technology Roadmap 9. Delivering IT Functions: A Decision Framework 10. IT Sourcing 11. Application Portfolio Management 12. Strategic Experimentation with IT 13. Enabling Collaboration with IT 14. Social Computing: How should it be managed? 15. Information Delivery: IT’s Evolving Role 16. Master Data Management 17. Developing IT Capabilities 18. Building Better IT Leaders from the Bottom Up 19. Managing IT-Based Risk 20. The Identify Management Challenge 21. Linking IT to Business Metrics

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Understand the role of information systems in an organization. Understand the various


3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

functions and activities within the information systems area, including the role of IT management and the CIO, structuring of IS management within an organization, and managing IS professionals within the firm. View an organization through the lens of non-IT senior management in deciding how information systems enable core and supportive business processes as well as those that interface with suppliers and customers. Understand the concepts of information economics at the enterprise level. Structure IS-related activities to maximize the business value of IS within and outside the company. Understand existing and emerging information technologies, the functions of IS and its impact on the organizational operations. Evaluate the issues and challenges associated with successfully and unsuccessfully incorporating IS into a firm. Understand how strategic decisions are made concerning acquiring IS resources and capabilities including the ability to evaluate the different sourcing options....
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