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Baby thesis

Title: The Significance of Indigenous Materials for Building Construction in the Philippines.

A Baby Thesis
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Casem Patrick Kevin C.
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School Year 2011-2012

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Prof. Bryan Eli B. Sadorra


Man, for a thousand of years, has inhabited all regions of the earth, from the most favorable terrain to places with the harshest of climates. Man has made great strides to master his natural environment instead of migrating to a more congenial and comfortable climate. His choice of building materials was dictated by what was locally available; ice in polar regions, sand and stone in dessert regions, timber and stone in temperate regions, timber and bamboo in tropical regions, and mud in warmer regions. The choice and improvement of these materials coincide with the development of human ingenuity. Materials available today evolved from simple materials through experience, scientific experimentation, evaluation, and technology development. In modern times, building materials account to over two-thirds of the total building cost of a structure. The constant increase in the cost of building housing units and the continuous growth of urban and rural poor are among the problems that plague the housing industry at the present. This has put strain on the capability of the Philippine government and private sectors in addressing the problem on housing backlog. Same problem goes with construction of other building structures. There’s also a great issue concerning the impact of buildings with the environment which makes this study interrelated with sustainable design. Moreover, most of the structures in the Philippines become signifiers of continuing cultural hegemony by the West. Our building in this framed aesthetic has the effect of further orienting ourselves in occidental towers rising physically and ideologically above the surrounding unequal social landscape. Indigenous building materials can be generally defined as materials that are locally produced and manufactured, naturally occurring, and abundant on a certain region. On the other hand, indigenous building technologies are knowledge, skills, or methods in building construction that are local in origin. These materials and technologies evolved from generation to generation, promoting continuity in the life of a family or community. In the case of the compendium, slight modifications have been made in these definitions in order to provide a more practical and complete collection of building materials and technologies. A material whose base material is supplied by another country, such as steel, is also included in this compendium given that the material is manufactured locally, such as steel-based roof sheets. This study was undertaken to establish the significance of indigenous building materials in the Philippines by stressing out its advantages. Apparently, it is within the reach of the masses. The cost does not go as fast as those of energy, transportation, and skilled labor do. Also, since it is locally produced, cost is much less than imported building materials because of less transportation costs. Most indigenous building materials and technologies may possess some or all of the following characteristics: uses renewable resources, uses materials that causes minimal contribution to pollution, permits recycling of materials, and does not lead to large scale exploitation of natural resources because of decentralized mode of application. The use of indigenous building materials and technologies is recommended because it is environmentally friendly, accessible, and costs less. The utilization of indigenous building materials and technologies may provide the solution to a number of current environmental and financial resource problems. 

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