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Topics: Technical terminology, Massage, Critical vocabulary Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: December 7, 2012
User Manual Critique
Ken Brown

User Manual Critique

The iJoy-175 Massage Chair is manufactured by Interactive Health and is a leader in innovative massage products that utilize the latest in technology and embrace the art of healing through massage therapy. I will evaluate the user manual provided by based on the following criteria: audience, authority, accuracy, objective and coverage and provide a detailed analysis on any positive or negative feedback that is gathered. The user manual is provided to educate the targeted audience of safety and assembly instructions, how to get the maximized results from the iJoy-175 Massage Chair, what are the basic operating instructions, how to use the product, product care and proper storage, warranty and servicing options and any other specifications. The writer of the iJoy-175 Massage Chair provides a technical oversight of the product by demonstrating what additional steps are necessary for maximizing the results of a massage, the writer provides a visual and technical terminology with detailed description of the products basic operating instructions and usage, the writer provides an overview of the product maintenance and storage requirements and in closing the writer provides a complete listing of the warranty and servicing options to complete the user manual. The purpose and audience for the iJoy-175 user manual is implied at the introduction of the manual and demonstrates an informative approach of safety and assembly instructions, maximizing the massage chair usage, how to use the product, product maintenance and storage and warranty and service information. The information provided in the user manual is technical and primarily from the manufacturer which directly reaches the intended audience.

The writer is adequate in knowledge or expertise, but no clear qualifications are provided for the author’s...
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