Concrete Lab

Topics: Concrete, Steel, Tensile strength Pages: 4 (896 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Applied Engineering science report.
Michael Connor B00240227

Part A:

Several mixtures of cement, aggregate, sand and water were mixed at different ratios to workability and compressive strength. The dry materials of the mixture were mixed and water was gradually added, the mixture was then placed in a cube and allowed to dry forming the concrete testing cube. Each of the four blocks containing different compositions of each material were then placed in a compressive testing machine and when each cube yielded, results were taken. Effect of water content on workability of fresh concrete:

As more water was added to the dry mixture, it became easier to work with but we had to be careful not to add to much water or this would weaken the concrete and possible ruin the mixture. If you wanted to further test a mixture, a slump test would be the best to evaluate workability.

Effect of sand to total aggregate ratio on fresh concrete and the appearance of hardened concrete: When the ratio of sand to aggregate was in aggregates favour, the workability decreased and vice versa. When there was more sand in the concrete mixture, the hardened concrete lighter in colour, when more aggregate than sand was used, the hardened concrete was darker with blemishes.

Effect of water to cement ratio on the compressive strength: Mixtures with a higher water-cement ratio had a weaker compressive strength compared to a smaller ratio but strengthened over the curing process, showing us that the water-cement ratio of concrete is crucial to determining compressive strength, density and weight.

Part B:
Material 1: Concrete/Reinforced Concrete.
Concrete is a building material made from basic materials such as stones, water, sand and cement, there are different types of concrete revolving around different ratios of mixture. Concrete is used for its high compressive strength to withstand compression created by the imposed loads created by the building, it is also...
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