Teamwork Tda 2.6

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TDA 2.6 (criteria 3.1)
Describe why teamwork is important in schools.
Teamwork is a fundamental and effective way of supporting the development of the school. Educational process is the result of collaboration of teachers and staff members: they develop lesson plans and support children’s progress, improve the ability to good communication, which helps cooperation and integrates the environment. Teamwork in the school has many benefits:

expanding knowledge and experience,
runs smoothly to get outstanding achievements by working together, gets a variety of views and ideas,
builds positive relationships and develop communications,
supports and motivate one another
Teamwork in school increases of work by reducing the risk of individual errors and help those, who have difficulty in performing tasks, to build our confidence. This is the opportunity to exchange experiences and listen to the different ideas to use them. Teamwork:

achieves better results with teaching and supporting children, builds positive relationships and develop communications,
make it easy to perform tasks of school,
provides people working in team a direct impact on making decisions, setting the goals and achieving them, sets a good example to pupils
The people in the school share the workload to allocate appropriate roles and responsibilities. Teachers who teach in one class develop the curriculum and they are changing it to the needs of children. Often with the cooperation of teacher assistants, they are working with children in need of individual support such as reading, writing, maths. All staff in school work together in the enforcement of appropriate behaviour of children, they have to use suitable methods for this and often include parents in it. In this case, cooperation is very important. Work in a team is the most effective form of work through the use of knowledge, experience and motivation of staff members. It is a big opportunity for the development of school.

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