What Strategies Might You Employ to Encourage Pupils to Behave Appropriately? Describe How You Might React to Incidents of Bullying and Violence.

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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a)Strategies to encourage pupils to follow a good behaviour As a support staff, I am obliged to share the same values as the whole school and to help children to develop and to manage their behaviour. I should create, with other members of school, a climate of safety and security, and having good relationships with pupils. Therefore, it would be essential to know school rules and behaviour management policy. Having known all the prizes and sanctions, I could apply them accordingly to procedures, remembering that they should be applied shortly after a good or bad behaviour occurred. To reinforce children’s positive behaviour, I would apply some strategies that would help them to understand what behaviour is expected. I would encourage pupils verbally to work together and co-operate at any time. I would focus their attention on tasks and instructions given by a teacher, praising them for efforts, help offered to their peers experiencing difficulties and for any positive reaction. It might be a good idea to create a reward board with magnets or stickers to collect for showing a good behaviour. I would award children with a small gift after having collected a number of stickers to motivate them to behave appropriately. It may work especially among young children. For older ones it might be a notice board with their names that could be displayed the whole day to be visible to others. We could choose the queen or the king of the day/week, and the criteria would be a positive behaviour, help and respect shown to others. A very common idea – house points – may be given to pupils for showing a positive behaviour and for learning as well. For some children it might be helpful to seat together in groups and set a behaviour target for each one. It must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) to discuss once a fortnight. The targets could change for each child depending on a pupil’s needs. But after all, behaving appropriately and with respect...
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