1.1 Describe the Policies and Procedures of the Setting Relevant to Promoting Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour.

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.

The policies and procedures within my placement school relevant to promoting children’s and young people’s positive behaviour cover a range of six sectors these are

• Behaviour policy/Home school agreements
• Code of conduct/Golden Rules
• Rewards and sanctions
• Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour
• Anti-Bullying
• Attendance

Behaviour policy
Is a guideline to all staff on how pupils behaviour should be managed. It is important that this policy is constantly being applied to ensure full safety of the pupils, this is why all staff MUST be familiar with this policy.

Within this the school also has home school agreements for each year group which set out the

Code of conduct/Golden Rules.
Is a set of rules/guidelines for the pupils so they understand how they should behave and what is expected of them. It is important that the children are reminded of the code of conduct so that it becomes their routine and they fully understand it. It is essential that positive behaviour is always promoted, praised and used as children notice when adult’s behaviour is out of character, if positive and professional behaviour is continually used it is more likely that the pupils will also behave in that way.

The golden rules are a focus around the school and are visibly displayed for all to see within the classrooms and the school hall. The children learn about these golden rules from the day they start at Springdale and it becomes a big part of Springdale life.

Rewards and sanctions
Although good behaviour is encouraged in schools, children will still behave inappropriate at times. Consequences for bad behaviour in my placement school can take many forms.

• Move from the sunshine to the black cloud.
• Miss time out from golden time, break or lunch play.
• Be sent to the head of year/deputy head
• Be sent to...
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