Unit 209: Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour. Assignment 1: Supporting Positive Behaviour.

Topics: Teacher, Head teacher, Psychology Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Unit 209: Support children and young people’s positive behaviour. Assignment 1: Supporting positive behaviour.

Assessment criteria: 1.2, 2.1,3.2

This assignment will look at supporting positive behaviour. I will begin by looking at why consistency is important when dealing with behaviour and applying boundaries and rules. I will include some examples of these rules and boundaries in accordance with school policy and procedure I will also detail the benefits of rewarding positive behaviour. I will finish by giving examples of the types of behaviour that should be referred on to others.

Children need to have boundaries and rules, regarding behaviour, which are clear and easy for them to understand. They need to see adults reinforcing these boundaries and rules regularly. If they do not understand them, if they are not clear, or if they are not consistently applied this gives conflicting messages this can then lead to confusion for them. Children can feel insecure if boundaries and rules keep changing; they can become upset and find it difficult to know how they should behave. Some children will test the boundaries with their behaviour; however, if the behaviour is met with a consistent response from all adults then it is less likely that the particular behaviour will be repeated. If some pupils are treated in a different way than others when it comes to responding to behaviour this can be seen as being unfair, as well as sending mixed messages this can cause resentment and can lead to poor behaviour from other pupils.

In accordance with school policy, in my school, all pupils should comply with the code of conduct this includes not shouting out in class, not being rude to staff, and move around the school safely and quietly. If one of these codes of conduct were broken by a pupil, in the first instance a verbal warning should be given, if the behaviour was repeated house points or golden time points would be taken from the pupil. If the behaviour was...
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