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The Scope of the Document2
Feature List Comparison4
Pricing and Costing5
Migration Methodologies:5
1.1.1.Importing Data From CSV6
2.1 Migration from TeamTrack 6.6.1 to SBM 2009 R219
Database Changes on upgrade19
Licensing Considerations for Upgraded Systems19
Prerequisites For upgrade20
Benefits on upgrading to SBM21


The Scope of the document is Migration of Team Track 6.6.1 to Other Tool. The Current System needs to be migrated to other Tool because of License Expiry. Serena Business Mashup 2009 R2 (SBM) is updated and enhanced version of Team Track 6.6.1. SBM is readily available substitute for Team Track, but the System has lots of Extra features which may not be used in Intuit. Since SBM is also product of Serena, therefore Data Migration is very safe and simple and easy. The proposal of the document is to define the Scope and Case Study. Other Alternative Tool which incorporates all the current features of Team Track 6.6.1 is JIRA 4.2. JIRA has all the features which are currently in practice at Intuit.


1. TeamTrack 6.6.1 Serena TeamTrack is a web-architected, secure and highly configurable process and issue management system. It creates a clear process throughout the application lifecycle—from initial request to post-delivery customer support activities.

2. JIRA 4.2 JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. Combining a clean, fast interface for capturing and organizing issues with customizable workflows, Open Social dashboards and a pluggable integration framework, JIRA is the perfect fit at the centre of your development team.

3. SBM 2009 R2 Serena Business Mashups, the next generation of TeamTrack, allows business developers to build and combine applications (commonly known as Mashup) to drive the coordination of business activities. For years TeamTrack administrators have been using TeamTrack to automate processes across their organizations. This release offers a revolutionary capability that allows business developers to build solutions faster and deploy them more easily.

Feature List Comparison
S.NO| Team Track Features| JIRA| SBM| 1. | States| Yes| Yes|
2. | Transitions| Yes| Yes|
3. | Fields| Yes| Yes|
4. | Workflows| Yes| Yes|
5. | Projects| Yes| Yes|
6. | Attachments| Yes| Yes|
7. | Mailing| Yes| Yes|
8. | Notifications| Yes| Yes|
9. | Searching of Items| Yes| Yes|
10. | Reporting| Yes| Yes|
11. | Workflow branches| Yes| Yes|
12. | Inheritance| | Yes|
13. | Dependency Settings on fields| | Yes|
14. | Default value setting to a field.| Yes| Yes|
15. | Making Field Mandatory/Non mandatory| Yes| Yes| 16. | User access & Groups| Yes| Yes|
17. | Standard Browser & OS| Yes| Yes|
18. | Data Export| Yes| Yes|
19. | Scripts| Yes| Yes|
20. | Tables| Yes| Yes|
21. | Journal, memo Text fields| Yes| Yes|
22. | Restriction of transitions view| Yes| Yes|
23. | Other Tools/ Integrated Tools.| Yes| Yes|
24. | Web-Services| Yes| Yes|
Pricing and Costing
No of concurrent Users| JIRA| SBM|
10 Users| $10| Still to Evaluate|
25 Users| $1,200| |
50 Users| $2,200| |
100 Users| $4,000| |
Unlimited Users| $8,000| |
Academic pricing is available for qualifying organisations such as: public or private schools, libraries and museums. JIRA is free for use by official non-profit organisations, charities and open source projects.

Migration Methodologies:

2. SBM
JIRA has following methodologies for Migration of data:
1.1 CSV Importer

JIRA ships with built-in importers for Bugzilla, Mantis and FogBugz. You are recommended to...
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