Individual Differences

Topics: Team, Difference, Person Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: September 19, 2010
Individual Differences
Daniel Rivero
August 30, 2010
Orlando Rivero

Individual Differences
A cross-functional team is made up with members that have different characteristics and specific personal skills. All humans are different from one another and are made up of with different backgrounds and cultures. Individual differences are a combination of different skills that are comprised of various characteristics. This includes taking responsibility, following through on commitments, contributing to discussions, listening to other, and giving useful feedback .By using my teammates assessments we will compare my teammates’ individual differences to see how we can improve the team performance and make it successful. By analyzing the team charter, it helps us to understand each others’. background, skills, contribution, and what areas we need to develop. My team members come from different backgrounds and can contribute in areas such as finance, legal, operation, and sales. The difference from each individual team member various form different culture, age, and skill set. Their culture and individual difference are what make cross team effective. Person ages equal the number year’s life experiments they had and what they can bring to the team. The skills set come from their education and the training they receive from their job. Each team members’ individual jobs provide training to enforce the employees’ knowledge of the corporation and their position they hold. During our last team meeting, I noticed that each member showed their individual skills and their abilities to contribute to answer our classroom questions. Taking responsibility of team action items, it is a key for the team to share in order to be success. Each team member has a unique perspective to offer. Their ideas may be critical to helping the team find a workable solution. Speaking up when a have an idea to share, often the best ideas are left unsaid. Follow...
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