Technological Advancements in Communication

Topics: Communication, Collaboration, Lotus Software Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Checkpoint: Technological
Advancements in Communication
February 23, 2013
Dana Yager
Candice Dorsey

The communication advancements discussed in the article were the use of social computing technologies that are slowly taking place of corporate collaboration applications and databases. Specific terms for a few of these advancements are blog, wiki, and mashup. One of the newest technologies that was discussed was an interactive spreadsheet software-as-a-service provider called (Citrano, V., pp 14). It is explained as a way to share translation tasks across the world with one program, in which it uses columns for designated languages. This cleans up the translation confusion that comes along with the use of many different translators deciphering languages during the communication process. It was also explained to be beneficial through its design of including other key people during decision-making processes (Citrano, V., pp15). This is something that can allow a team that is collaborating together to feel that they are all part of important decisions within a company, in turn improving performance. The most beneficial aspect of this software is its ability to be used by more companies quicker due to its affordability. At a mere $25-$149 per month, it is accessible to even the smallest start-up companies. The second technology that was specifically mentioned was IBM Lotus Connections (Citrano, V., pp 22). This technology was described as being more for the already-established shop that needs something to compliment their existing software instead of replace it. This type of software also has the ability to adapt to the changes of the existing formal service channel as the company grows. This is accomplished by sharing files, creating podcasts, and implementing information from RSS feeds. These types of non-invasive software communication upgrades vary in price, from $700-$5,000 per year, with smaller versions also available at only $55 per...
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