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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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Case study Chpt. 1 Case Analysis:

The Global Management Consulting firm Accenture brings employees face to face.

There is no doubt that social networking is only going to continue to grow and be used for more purposes other than pleasure, fun, and advertising. Social Networks connect friends, B2B, Organizations, and events to the community and public. So, when reviewing this case study about the company Aptly creating their own companies networking system called Accenture People, it did not surprise me. The team of Filipino IT professionals combined and collaborated the companies’ entire team’s information about each individual’s technical skills and hobbies into one easy access system.

The objective to this Accenture People site is to make the company stronger and more efficient by allowing employee’s within the company to utilize their human capital source. Knowledge sharing is a tool that can make strengthen a company substantially. Accenture People literally makes 175,000 individuals a unit and team beyond a company name, it allows for people to get to know the workforce and each individual’s background and strengths. The company wants to achieve high-performance and greater teamwork.

The assumption that was made with this site being created was that the entire workforce of Accenture People would use it. That could very easily be a difficult action to enforce and accomplish.

Problem Statement:
Accenture People stated that their problem was, “Prior to the creation of Accenture People, communication solutions such as the Accenture People Directory and Knowledge Exchange Expert Profile contained the necessary structure for employees to share their expertise. But because the solutions were not interactive, employees found them time consuming and a less-than-ideal way to promote skills and experience.” This was the direct quote taken off the Accenture People Website about the problem the company faced with...
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