Investiong in Tufs

Topics: Project management, Management, Probability theory Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Case Study 2-investiong in TUFS

1- “What can we do if they won’t use the system the way it was designed” that’s what Brian Smith said in a discussion about the TUFS with his company’s CFO. He was trying to justify the failure of the project by blaming its users; however he exactly pointed out his technician team failure of not addressing users needs and designing the system the way they wanted it to be designed. This problem could have been avoided if he had in his team a system analyst; a skillful guy who could speak both languages; technical and business and use that to bring together the two sides all the way. Another thing that went wrong in the project is the imbalance between its scope and the scheduling of the project as result of the management pressure to produce fast result regardless of what feasible. This problem would have avoided if the scheduling of the project take into account what was possible more than what was desired given the scheduling of the project. There are many things that can be done to avoid such problems in the future: First, IT team that contains only pure technicians is not enough to address IT projects in business environment. The team must be accompanied with system analyst professional who has the capabilities to engage the business in all development stages of an IT project. A project manager is also required, as part of the team, to set up project mile stones and ensures that the team has perfectly meets these mile stones. Second, management must assess the expected result given the time and budget planned for a project before giving their green light to initiate it. Third, management must ensure the commitments of the users to a project before it start. This step will lead to their acceptance of the completed project even if it has fail.

2- For northern to realize the benefit that were projected, they need to do the followings: o Use the full capacity of the system: value of...
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