Team Dynamics Essay

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  • Published : October 22, 2009
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Team Dynamics: Communication
Team Dynamics Essay
Michael Garibay
University of Phoenix
Team Dynamics
Individuals can bring different personalities to the table and it may or can affect the team simply because there can be a person with strong personalities and one with weaker ones. For example, there can be an individual who is well you can say in charge of everything, that person is always doing the work and giving their opinions and there can be another one who is quiet and just sits there and does their work. The in charge person might think that the quiet person isn’t doing anything and is not helping the team at all, while the quiet person might be thinking that the in charge person is bossy and doesn’t care about what the other team wants to do. A good way to solve this would be to communicate with each other by the quiet person being in charge of gathering the information together and preparing the work for the team while the in charge person is in charge of the other stuff that involves sharing the information and talking to each team member to see what they think I don’t know that’s my opinion. As always there will be one person in the team who will not participate either because their shy or just plainly they don’t care. Make sure that individual knows and understands the goal and make sure they are working towards the same goal. If the team member just doesn’t participate then one person in the team should find out why. Try to think of ideas to motivate the team and make the person feel like they should participate, make the team meetings fun and interesting. There are always consequences for a team not having good communication. The team can feel like they’re just wasting their time, there can be a lack of trust, there can be a lot of misunderstandings, deadlines might not be met and that can hold the team back and they might not complete their goal in time. So again it is important for the team to have good communication. Here is a...
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