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Flash cards are excellent teaching tools to help students learn short vowel sounds and other phonics skills. These flash cards will help you reinforce skills in short vowel sounds at home or at school. 1. Flash Cards for Short Vowel Sounds

These flash cards can help children and adult learners with short vowel sounds. The constant time delay technique is an effective strategy to use with these and any other flash cards teaching other skills in other subject areas.  Flash Cards for Short Vowel Sounds:

Flash card teaching strategies are popular with teachers because of their effectiveness. Parents also appreciate the flash card because it is an easy teaching strategy for home. There are several ways to use flashcards for teaching. This flashcard teaching strategy, the Constant Time Delay (CTD) technique, is widely used by special and regular education teachers. The CTD strategy can be used easily with flash cards at home to teach any subject. Flash Card Materials Needed: 

Flash cards with the question, problem, or sight word on the front side and the answer prompt on the back. Steps:
1. Sit comfortably facing your child.
2. Arrange the flash cards in the order you would like to present them. 3. Starting with the first flash card, hold it up so your child can clearly see the front. Keep the back of the flash card toward you so your child cannot see it. 4. If appropriate, read the flash card front to your child. For example, you may read a math problem or a question from the flash card front. Wait three full seconds. You do not need a timer to use flash cards. You can count three seconds silently by saying, “one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three” at a normal speaking pace. This will allow your child about three seconds to consider the question on the flash card and think about his answers. 5. If your child gives a correct answer, place the correctly answered flash card in a pile on your left. 6. If your child gives an incorrect...
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