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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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3 year old Activities

Cognitive Activity: Growing Seeds

Materials: plastic sandwich bags, lima beans, paper towels, eye dropper & water

1. Set out each baggie, two beans and paper towels for each child. 2. Have each child fold paper towel and place into baggie. 3. Lay two beans inside baggie on top of paper towels.
4. Let each child moisten paper towel and beans with water and eye dropper. Seal bags and place in sun.

Skills: The children will get to observe the beans growing roots. And that it takes sunlight and water for this to happen.

Physical Activity: Hop Scotch

Materials: sidewalk chalk and bean bags

1. First draw a big hop scotch on sidewalk and place numbers in each square. 2. Have children form a single line and let them toss the bean bag to a number. 3. Then child must hop according to how many squares it takes to get to their bean bag. 4. Have them say the numbers as they hop on them.

Skills: large motor, balance and counting

Learning Activity: Mixing Colors

Materials: paint, paint brushes, paper, plastic bowls and paper plates

1. Give each child a small bowl of different colors of paint. 2. Have children mix two colors together on paper plates. 3. Have child tell you what colors were used and what color was made. 4. Have children make a picture with colors of paint.

Skills: Listening to directions and color spectrum

4 year old Activities

Cognitive Activity: Sorting Fruit loops

Materials: Fruit loops

1. Have children sit at tables/
2. Place a handful of fruit loops in front of each child. 3. Have children sort fruit loops by color.
4. Have them count the different color piles.

Skills: Sorting and counting

Physical Activity: Hoola Hoop Dancing

Materials: hoola hoops and music

1. Give each child a hoola hoop.
2. Spread out in large circle so not to bump each other....
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