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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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ECE 311 (D2-W3)

This standard is a Preschool lesson plan. The name of the lesson is Exploring How seeds grow

Principles- Almost everything that grows has seeds.

Materials: Variety types of seeds, water, napkins, Ziploc, dirt, milk cartons, paper, scissor, crayon/marker,

Words to discuss: seeds, plant, dirt, water, stem, root, sun, sprout, leaves, shoots,
Objectives: Children to learn how and what a seed needs to grow, the different stages the parts and names related to the plants.

Day 1

Disscuss: How seeds grow?
Children to express their knowledge of how they think a seeds grows. Adult to write and post their ideas, and thoughts

Large group: Create a graph to track growth stages of seed in the five day time line (Day 1- Plant seed)

Small Group: Math concept – Children will verbalize how many seed to plant 1,2,or3 than count them out

Science Activity: Seed planting in (wet-napkin/ziploc vs in dirt/milk carton)

Children to place seed inside napkin use eye dropper to wet napkin and place in Ziploc bag, next they would fill milk carton half way place seed cover with more dirt again use eye dropper to water.

Activity: Easel Painting –
Draw a seed or plant

Day 2

Disscuss: What do seeds need to grow? Children to express thoughts about question? Adult write message and post

Large Group Story: Felt Board, (From Seed to Plant- What plants need to grow) Children to verbalize “What plants need to grow?” (water or rain, Sun, dirt or soil) Teacher to tell story using felt board pieces and words on cards Teacher tells story introduce new words related to plants

Teacher to write words on index cards place on word wall located in writing area (Leave felt story up so children can explore and imitate telling the story to others)

Science Activity: Observe seed growth in wet/napkin and dirt/milk-carton – write observations on graph chart.

Small Group Nature walk- (seed hunting)
Children to observe, and collect...
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