P.E. Lesson Plan

Topics: The Animals, Blues, Exercise Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Lesson Plan
Theme: the Jungle
Based on the Book: Animal Boogie
Class: K2
Number of children: 20
1. Children will be able to repeat basic rhythmic pattern of several Fundamental Movement Skills . 2. Children will be able to demonstrate proper techniques of jumping and skipping.

I. Introduction
The lesson will focus on fundamental movement skils
Warm-up exercise
Run through the Jungle
Children are running through the 'jungle' and run into many animals, that they need to get away from. teacher can gives commands, and the children carry out the action: I see a monkey! Lets talk to the monkey (ooh,ooh,aah,aah),leopards running after us,lets jump over the logs! Tip toe past the snake,duck under branches,run from the elephant.

II. Skills Development

Teacher shows the movement of each animal mentioned in the song “Animal Boogie.” a. bear – walk and growl
b. monkey –swing
c. elephant- stomp,walking
d. bird-flap the arms
e. leopard- leap
f. snake- crawling

Dance with me!

Children will do the movement together with the song.

More movements

Children will create their own movement of the animals
-Ask children how else can these animals move?
- Show to class
III. Closure

Cool down activity

Children will pretend as animals , it’s almost night time and they need to go home, get the children to line up and march around the room,ask them to lie down slowly as animals need to sleep.

Enhancing Children’s Creativity and Self-Expression ~ Physical Education

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