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1) The five broad social and emotional aspects of learning are: * Self awareness
A pupil’s ability to look at themselves and their actions and analysis the impact both directly and indirectly (towards others) is paramount to their future development. A mature, well rounded child will have the skills to constantly adapt to ever changing situations and environments. * Managing feelings

Children need to understand that their actions and emotions will have a reaction – ‘Speak to people how you would like to be spoken ‘and ‘Treat people how you would like to be treated yourself’. Being able to control their feelings and emotions is not as easy as it sounds, especially in the young. Children do not often recognise or understand their feelings so are then unable to stop the behaviour in time and reassess what they are doing. Pupils should take care not to let personal feelings or frustrations project onto any others. If a difficult situation arises then the following points may help the pupil cope and give them time to reflect:- 1. Giving children some dignity and time to calm down from an emotional situation - 2. Recognising ‘trigger points’ and implementing strategies, will assist in future development. 3. Continual reassurance and positive feedback.

* Motivation
Finding what motivates a pupil is the key to their learning and subsequently their future as an Adult. When a child is motivated they will be more receptive to ideas, be more engaged throughout the lesson. Their motivation and enthusiasm is often ‘infectious’ and will in turn help others. Teaching the pupil how to set personal goals and finding ways to achieve these goals is a ‘life skill’ which will follow them throughout life. Learning how to overcome distractions, disappointment and set-backs, effectively and constructively, will make them stronger emotionally and help avoid anxiety induced stress, depression or in extreme cases self-harm or ultimately suicide. * Empathy

Being aware of Peoples differences and likenesses and embracing their Religious and personal needs, with understanding and empathy will help a child to adapt to different environments with an open minded attitude. Learning about others and their situations and not judging but looking at each event or occurrence as a unique incident. Pupils respond well when they are asked how their day is or has anything different happened over the weekend. Open ended questions leave space for someone who may need to talk but did not know how to approach the subject. * Social skills

 Socialising is something that a pupil should be encouraged to do as often as possible both in school and outside. This develops the child’s unique identity and will teach them invaluable skills and strategies which they will take forward with them. Some of these skills are:- * Listening – listen to others opinions

* Speaking – talking to different audiences (peers and adults) * Working with different groups – not always with friends or similarly minded people * Helping support the learning of others – or as the children may say ‘sharing is caring’ * Dealing with difficult or delicate situations – learn what helps and what hinders you * Negotiating or compromising to reach an acceptable goal – both as an individual or when working as a team. 2) 5 appropriate methods that may help pupils recognise and express emotions are: Be a good Role Model - show that you can control your own emotions and actions at all times. Be consistent.

Don’t have double standards – tell the children how they should behave and then not follow the same guidelines yourself. This creates unnecessary confusion...
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