Describe the complex feelings that may be experienced by others involved or witnessing an incident of challenging behaviour

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HSC3045-5.2 Describe how an individual can be supported to reflect on an incident including:

how they were feeling at the time prior to and directly before the incident their behaviour
the consequence of their behaviour
how they were feeling after the incident.

When a child in my setting displays a challenging behaviour such as hitting another child after having stopped the event I reassured the other children and I find a quite area were the child can calm down and talk about what has happened. I ask the child:

what he was doing- the child told me he was playing with a train why he did react in that way and why- the child told me that the other child wanted the that train. I remind them the rules of the setting and I ask him/her to reflect about his/her action. I remind him that I am there to help and I am trying to help at that moment. I ask if he/she can understand what has happened and I ask the other child if she/he thinks that it is right or wrong- the child said that he did not want to upset the other child. I asked if he was cross and he said “Yes”. I ask the child if there could have been another way to solve his/her problem- the child told me: “I do not know” and went to cuddle the other child. I smile at him and I say that this is kind. I explained that it is nice to share or find other trains to play with.

HSC3045-5.3 Describe the complex feelings that may be experienced by others involved or witnessing an incident of challenging behaviour.

Depending on the nature and the severity of the challenging incident the personal response may vary from trying to support and guide the child that is upset to being frustrated, sad, angry and shocked or in extreme case to be in fear and unable to deal with it. If a child has a tantrum it is a situation we are used to deal with; we recognise children' s frustration for that specific situation and we are able to put in action reactive strategy to help the child...
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