Teaching and Learning Strategies

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Task 1: Identify and describe at least two teaching and learning strategies which meet the needs of the individual learners and/or groups. Select one which you will use in a teaching or training setting. The aim of my course is for learners to understand how to look after animals effectively and understand the basic requirements all animals need. I teach adults with moderate learning difficulties, and find teaching methods, which enable both my students and me to have shared control, beneficial, as these enable students to work independently as possible, whilst ensuring support they need is always available. Selecting learning strategies to meet both aims and needs of individual learners is essential. To ingrain knowledge and understanding, Question & Answer is a useful strategy for this group of students. Using this method, you can tailor questions specifically towards individual students, assess comprehension and identify when additional input is necessary. This works well with my groups, usually 8 – 9 students, but group size is an important consideration if you intend to deal with everyone individually. Differentiation can be addressed by careful choice of questioning. More able students can be asked for further explanation rather than one word answers. If this method is used sensitively, all members of the group can participate without fear of failure. One must be careful not to target individuals in a way that makes them feel threatened and isolated. Often visual clues and initial questioning about well established topics, allow them to participate and enjoy the satisfaction of giving correct information, before stretching them further. A mixture of open and closed questions can also help students feel less pressured. When planning I often reflect on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” and how essential raising self esteem and the sense of belonging is, especially to people with learning difficulties. Question & Answer gives numerous...
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