Ptlls Promoting Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

Topics: Education, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Promoting Inclusion, Equality and Diversity for learners.

I have already found that the variables as regards learning abilities, needs and differences are infinite. In order that I pertain to the principles of E.L.M I would be ready to implement the following methods actions and ideas to maximise the input/ output and levels and achievement of the students. I will be mindful of diversity and as far as is possible ensure feelings of inclusion, involvement and equality for all. I teach First Aid which some take to easier than others so initially I need to find out as much as possible about each group in general and in particular any learner who may have specific learning needs. Once I am more aware of the dynamic of the class I can then plan and arrange to have a sufficient and appropriate range of resources and if necessary assistance at hand to supply to these needs as all must feel involved and included. Once in the classroom I would discuss the subject matter that I intend to teach and initiate a discussion on the student’s preferred learning methods. This would act as an icebreaker and give me insight and feedback as to what might get the subject matter over in the best way and help us all to achieve the best progress. If necessary, and early into the course, I would approach the Special Needs Coordinator (S.N.C.O.) for assistance in supplying the best learning scenario possible which could mean the presence of a Learning Needs Assistant or Scribe to take notes for them. Obviously this has potential for causing discomfort if present for any individual so tact and diplomacy have to be first and foremost if using this teaching approach and the matter of the student being on the right course should also be considered. I value Power-point presentation as a “foundation stone” of teaching resources and usually use it. In addition I use demonstrations, which the class then replicate in small groups to help prevent embarrassment. In this particular learning...
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