Pre Course Task Celta

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Section 1
Learners & Teachers, & the Teaching & Learning Context
A. Teaching and learning contexts
Task 1
1.In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?
The context of the CELTA course I believe will be:

Open group
Lessons in groups
Mixed gender
Same interest to teach English as a foreign language

2.Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course? If I get the job I have applied for I will endeavour to teach in the following context:
Lessons in a group
Closed group
Same gender
Day classes
Business English

B. The learners’ culture, linguistic and educational backgrounds Task 2
1.Think about why you decided to teach adults.
I want to teach adults because:
Most adult students are on the courses because they choose to learn something new. It’s not normally forced upon them, and it’s always more pleasing to teach those who are willing and enthusiastic to learn. Adult learners require less behaviour management then children, they have good self-discipline and this is an advantage.

2.Think about what you, as an adult, bring to this learning situation. My previous experience of learning as an adult
Understanding the obstacles of learning and gaining a new skill Recognition that we all have different learning styles and the importance of each individual recognising their style of learning

3.Look at your answers to 1 and 2 and use these ideas to help you write down what characterises adult learners.
Recognise their own leaning style
Have experience they bring with them from previous learning May have set ideas about teacher student concept
Specific individual goals

C. Motivation
Task 3
1.What would you want to find out about a group of learners that you had to teach so that you could plan your lessons? Students prior knowledge: what do they already know about the topic Is there anything I need to give them before the course to fill the knowledge gaps Their own goals: why are they learning English

What is there level currently
The language they speak
Are they all form one institute/ country
Are the mixed gender or single gender
There interests

2.How would you find out?
Look at their application form
Look at their interview notes, if they were interviewed before they were offered a place If they sat an entrance test or were given a pre course task have a look at that Ask them in their 1st lesson if there was information I could not find on all the above mentioned

Task 4
If you were teaching a group of learners, each of whom had different motivations for learning English, which learners would be the most challenging in terms of motivation?

I believe the most challenging students in terms of motivation are the students who choose not to be there for example someone who is being pressured to learn the language by family members.

D. The qualities and skills of a good language teacher
Task 5
Which do you think learners most often rate in the top five?
Is honest
Is friendly
Is patient
Builds a rapport
Is approachable

Section 2
Language Analysis & Awareness
A. Grammar
Task 6
List of associations I have with the word ‘Grammar’.

Ease of reading
Clarity in writing

Task 7
Write correct versions of examples that are incorrect.
1.We’ve been looking for you for ages.
2.I’ve been to the movies last night. Correction: I went to the movies last night. 3.He often come late. Correction: He often comes late.
4.They were waiting by the fountain.
5.Can I have a coffee black, please? Correction: Can I have a black coffee, please? 6.People with 12 items or less can queue here.
Correction: People with 12 items of fewer can queue here.

Task 8
List of reasons why English language teachers need...
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