Analyse the Approaches and Strategies Used in Your Subject Specialism and Consider How These Meet the Needs of Your Learners.

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Analyse the approaches and strategies used in your subject specialism and consider how these meet the needs of your learners INTRODUCTION
I am an Assistive Technology Trainer, which comprises of training individuals in a one-to-one environment with differing disabilities, using specialist software and hardware allocated to them as an aid to their studies; these include Mind mapping, Text to Speech, Speech Recognition and Audio. Helping to enable them to achieve their full potential in the subjects they are studying, these can be anything from Law and Social Work to Fashion Design and Art. In this account I will draw on examples from my everyday working life. I intend to cover the active learning method as this is used within the environment I train in. Doing, repetition, and simple explanations are factors I use to help retain and re-enforce information given, Dales Cone of Learning suggests that the Active learning method enables 90% of what is taught to be remembered. Dale, (1969) This introduces Confucius who said 'I hear and I forget', 'I see and I remember' 'I do and I understand'. For most dyslexics this statement is very true, because the majority get distracted by the slightest little thing; for example a bird flying past a window, or another student talking/whispering in class, so therefore not paying attention to the tutor. Images are generally remembered because of association, so this is where the see and remember comes in. Doing is a plus for the learner as it reinforces what has been taught along with repartition of the task.

Initial engagement with the student and helping to make them feel at ease is an important factor in getting them to open up about their learning difficulties. This could include retention (short term memory) and any other issues they may have. Using simple questions and observing surroundings (when possible) enables me to establish where and what some difficulties/issues maybe holding them back from...
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