Consider Why Having Ground Rules Is Beneficial to Group Learning. What Could Happen Without Them?

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Consider why having ground rules is beneficial to group learning. What could happen without them?

Before each learning session begins, ground rules need to be established between the learner and tutor, and more importantly between the learners themselves. All learning requires ground rules, which they must abide by and work to. “Ground Rules will help everyone know their limits.” (Gravells, A. 2008) They set boundaries in which the learners must keep to. Each individual has different needs, abilities and learning styles, meaning behaviours and respect for others is crucial. Each individual see respect and behaviours differently to their peers, therefore each ground should be established to ensure a positive learning environment. Ground rules ensure routine in a professional manner.

Ground rules must also comply with mandatory regulations in place. Health and safety requirements must be surrounded by ground rules to enforce a safe environment. Every Child Matters states 5 statements, which has health and safety embedded into this to create a healthy well being of each individual learner. The 5 areas of Every Child Matters must be acted upon and enforced to achieve a positive safe environment.

Ground rules are a must; otherwise each learning session will become disrupted due to the lack of structure. The ground rules will create a positive learning environment, which will allow the learners to achieve their full potential.

Typical ground rules include:
Be prepared
No eating or drinking in session
No smoking unless in a designated area in break times
Listen to others with no interruptions
Punctuality (always start and finish on time)
Treat each individual with respect and equality
No mobile phones in session.

Describe 3 activities in which Ground Rules would be Established

Before a session, I would hold a discussion surrounding ground rules. I would get each individual learner involved in this activity....
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