Establishing the ground rules

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Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Ground rules are fundamental within a learning environment to establish suitable conduct for teachers and students in order to maintain an effective and organised working relationship. It is important to note that there are two main types of rules, the organisational rules and classroom ground rules. The difference being that the organisational rules are typically non-negotiable, e.g. no eating or drinking in class etc. (Budden, 2010)

Rules typically fall into two styles:
Encouraging rules – These promote certain aspects of behaviour such as being punctual and participating in group activity. Prohibiting rules – These state unacceptable behaviour and actions such as; no mobile phones or no drinks near the computers.

It is important to involve learners in the establishing of the ground rules for several reasons: 1. It allows them to feel involved in the process which makes them more likely to adhere to the rules. 2. They are more likely to monitor others and ensure the rules are being followed. 3. It allows them to voice their opinion and establish rules that may be more specific to their needs. 4. It allows them to voice their basic requirements for the learning experience. 5. They are more likely to remember rules that they had a hand in establishing, this means they are more likely to uphold them. 6. If they are involved in the process they are more likely to accept the compulsory rules. Especially if they are able to suggest their own rules. 7. By not involving them in the process they are more likely to feel that they are being dictated to. This is more likely to make them rebel against the rules, even if they are reasonable.

For all learning environments allot of the expectations are the same, however there are factors that affect what and how ground rules are established. For example a...
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