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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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What are the Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships for teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector?

The definition of being a teacher is of wide scope, in that there are a number of different ways to describe the profession. Teaching is of variety of both craft and intellectual endeavour. In order to be a successful teacher there is a requirement of not just understanding of current educational theories but also an awareness of how these particular theories aid and shape the work we do with our learners within the classroom environment. Kidd and Czerniawski (2010). The aim of this assignment is to examine the roles of a teacher, the responsibilities being a teacher holds and finally the relationships required to teach in the lifelong learning sector. In order to complete this successfully Gravells (2012) teaching cycle model will be reviewed with reference to the points previously mentioned. The lifelong learning sector is different learning environments which are publically funded post-16 education, outside university. There are a variety of institutions that are considered to be lifelong learning sectors such as colleges, adult and community education centres, private training provides of different work based learning and prisons. Francis and Gould (2009). Teaching within the lifelong learning sector is seen as helping learners meet their full potential within a subject area so that they are able to progress onto the next level. Gravells (2008). According to Gravells (2012) in order to be a successful and ‘good’ teacher it is essential that you teach your specialist subject in a way that will actively involve, engage and encourage your students during every lesson. It is also important to remember that it is not just the teaching that takes place within the lesson but it is also crucial to focus on the learning. There are a number of different ways to describe what being a good teacher is however instead of just creating a list of what a teacher should be...
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