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Insights from TCS Innovation Forum 2010
Theme: Green IT
“Green” may mean different things to different groups. To adopt any Green initiative, a greater understanding of our carbon footprint – in our homes, our businesses, our supply and value chains – is essential. Intense monitoring and heavy number crunching are required. Information and Communications Technology (ICT or IT) is called into play. “IT” is in a unique position with respect to Greening, viewing it from two perspectives: Greening the IT departments of organizations (Green IT); using IT Tools to make other industries environment friendly (IT for Green). IT’s role in Greening is of growing importance. Though recent data tags IT with just 2% of global emissions, it is an industry that is growing rapidly, at around 6%per annum. The second factor is that for the industries that generate the remaining 98% share of emissions – transportation, heavy industry, etc - IT can help mitigate carbon footprint. TCS Innovation Forum in the UK , focused on “Green”, a key R&D theme at TCS. Participants from across industries were asked to present the problem areas they are looking at, the control measures they are considering, the behavioural changes they would like to bring in, in taking forward their Green plans.

TCS Innovation Forum 2010 - UK Host: K Ananth Krishnan – CTO, Tata Consultancy Services Panellists: Dr Gabrielle Walker – Chief Scientist, Xyntéo Ralph Steffens – Managing Director, British Telecom(BT) Moderator: Prof. Anand Sivasubramaniam – Consultant, Head, TCS Innovation Labs – Infrastructure; Professor, Pennsylvania State University.

The TCS Innovation Forum TCS holds this premier, by-invite-only event annually in UK, USA and Asia. It is held in the hub of innovation in each of these geographies and attracts thought leaders who are working along key innovation themes that challenge industry and society. This year’s focus areas were Infrastructure Simplification, Cloud Computing, Social Computing and Green IT. CIOs from various domains, TCS COIN™ partners and senior technologists presented their hands-on experiences around these areas in their organizations. TCS Innovation is focused on keeping customers ahead of the curve. In doing this, it believes that no one organization can do it alone. TCS’ Co-innovation Network (COIN)™ is a collaborative network, connecting several entities in the innovation ecosystem. COIN comes alive in TCS’ annual innovation forums. The format is interactive and the brainstorming sessions offer true take-aways around new technologies.


Table of Contents
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Setting the Context
The panellists, representing different domains, examined the current compulsions for going Green. Anand (Prof. Penn State & Consultant, TCS): I can identify four factors that compel Green initiatives: n n

Costs: If you save power, your costs come down. There are more such cost saving aspects. Brand: If your building is certified, your data center is EPA Star rated, you earn goodwill; perhaps more customers as well. Regulations: The threat “If you don’t cap emissions, you will be reported” is real. Reporting (even if you do not exceed) may (or already is, in some geographies) become mandatory. Premiums: Many consumer products actually charge extra for products with Green labels, offering a huge set of opportunities. Other $250K Servers $921K 30.5%



Utility Bill $730K 24%

Power Infrastructure $1,14 M 37.5%

Monthly Amortised Costs

Figure 1. Capex vs Opex

Let me look at some issues specific to the IT industry that compel Greening. If you look at a server over a four year life time, you spend as much powering it as buying it. That sounds like a big expense! The pie chart, (Figure1) shows the relationship between Capex (UPS,...
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