Green Computing Research Project

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Project Title: Green Computing Research Project
Date of Authorization: January 22, 2012
Project Manager:
Project Start: January 22, 2012 Project End: July 22, 2012 Budget for the Project: US$ 500,000
Project’s Objectives: Research possible application of green computing including: * Data center and overall energy efficiency
* The disposal of electronic waste and recycling
* Telecommuting
* Virtualization of server resources
* Thin client solutions
* Use of open source software, and
* Development of new software to address green computing for internal use and potential sales to other organizations. Project Success Criteria: Provide an extensive report including financial analysis and recommendations on what computing technologies to implement. Approach: The Project will involve 5 members including the Project Manager, this five people are going to be dedicated to work full time during 6 months. People from other areas will be required on as-needed basis. The Project manager also will do more than just manage the project; he will be involved in the research, writing, editing and the like required to produce the desired results. The Manager also will be open to hire an expert for their advice and purchasing books and related articles as needed. Hold weekly progress report meetings with the core project team and sponsor. Roles and Responsibilities

Name| Role| Position| Contact Information|
| Sponsor| CEO||
| Project Manager| Green Computing
IT Manager||
| Team member| Green Computing IT technician|| | Team member| Green Computing IT technician|| | Team member| Green Computing IT technician|| | Team member| Green Computing IT technician|...
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