Lion King

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Business Plan
|ILL BRED CLOTHING | |Zhavion Pedersen-Bailey |

|What is a Business Plan? |How To Use This Template | |Business plans are used by businesses of all sizes to state their objectives and describe how they will| | |be achieved over a specific period of time. In particular, your business plan should say: |This business plan template is to help you apply to the | | |Summer Company program. It’s important that you read the | |What product or service your business will provide |program guidelines before you start filling it in. | |How you will market your product or service to gain customers | | |How it will operate, where it will be located and what geographic regions it will serve |Be sure to: | |What your start-up costs, monthly expenses, sales forecast and expected profits are | | |The risks associated with your business and your plan to manage them. |Address the points in each box that are relevant to your | | |business. | |Why do you need a Business Plan? | | |Your business plan is your first step toward starting your own business. It is also an essential step |Provide enough detail to explain your idea to someone who | |in applying to the Summer Company program. It is important to describe your business idea fully so that|isn’t familiar with it. | |a program provider can evaluate it and see how you plan to use the award money. Program providers can | | |then help you develop your idea further, or, if it meets all program criteria, recommend you for entry |Contact the program provider nearest you if you have | |in the program. |questions on either the program guidelines or on how to | | |complete this template. | |When should a Business Plan be prepared? | | |The sooner, the better. Sometimes, your first draft of the plan is different from the draft you submit.|Upload the business plan in SCREEN, the Summer Company | |Starting your plan early helps you fully research and evaluate your idea. And if you need help, you’ll |online application. | |have time to get it. | | | |Your start-up budget and cash flow projections will also be| |Who should prepare a Business...
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