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The solution to this puzzle is:
Hamlet,Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth. In Roman numerals IV, I, V, II, III. (Arabic: 4,1,5,2,3)

Q: Ok, that's the sequence, i'm sure of it. BUT IT WON'T WORK!!

A: There's one more verse to be taken into consideration...

Q: Right, you know-it-all... what's with all the bleeding and crying?

A: Well, since the characters that are described here are from books that were already mentioned before, you might have to change their corresponding numbers...

Q: And what bloody characters are those supposed to be?

A: Think now. Who was out for revenge? Someone who lost a person very close to him maybe? Someone who would kill to get his right? Two youths. That sound familiar? Two young people? Did they know each other? Did they like one another maybe? Three witches. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

Q: Right, I get it now. What do I do with the numbers now?

A: Rather hard to hint at that. The vengeful man spilled blood for two... TWICE as much as that for one man. The two youths shed tears for three... THREE TIMES as much as one alone would have been able to shed. The witches disappeared. There were witches here.

They are gone now. They left NOTHING behind, absolutely nothing.

Q: I give up, that riddle is stupid and totally incomprehensible and the fact that you wasted precious time and energy with it, fills my heart with sadness.

A: Strange, I felt similar about all of this. ^^
Here's the full explanation though:

So the vengeful man spilled blood for two, he should get credit for that. Let's multiply his number with two.

2x4=8 (8,1,5,2,3)

Two youths shed tears for three? That's not fair, they should get their value multiplied with three for that, too.

3x1=3 (8,3,5,2,3)

The three witches disappear. Well, good riddance. ^^

Now really only four keys remain:

8 3 5 2

Go for it.

III.2 Brookhaven Hospital F2 Puzzle:


The door is locked with one of those unbreakable quality Silent Hill keypad locks (R), featuring numbers 1 to 9. (Didn't you ever wonder why in most action movies they just have to shoot those things to get them open? Well, I tried, but it wouldn't work for me. Guess those locks are action-hero-proof or something. ^^) Next to the door on the west side wall you will find a long memo, read it. The text goes as follows:

Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead---
You are always looking at me
and I am always looking at you.

Ah, you're too meek---
beautiful, unspoiled:
thus I'm so sad, I suffer---
and so happy, it hurts.

I want to hurt you
and destroy myself
What you would think
if you knew how I felt.

Would you simply smile,
not saying a word?
Even curses from your mouth
would be as beautiful as pearls.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.

And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.

How would you scream?
Would you shriek "It hurts!
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

You can't know the maddening
hunger I've felt in the midst of
our kisses, so many of them
I've lost count.

As though drinking in your cries,
I bring my hopes to fruition:
biting your tongue, shredding it,
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick.

Oh, what euphoric heights I would
reach, having my desires fulfilled
like a greedy, gluttonous cur.

I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
I would surely be healed,
and would cry like...
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