Professionalism: Nonverbal Communication and Facial Expressions

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Body language, Communication Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Professional Dress Questions

Q1) Do you think Mindy dresses appropriately for the medical facility? Why or Why not? A: No. Her hair has different colors and the outfit she is wearing is revealing and street like. Also, she made no attempt to hide her tattoos, she has facial piercings and she is wearing flip-flops.

Q2) Mindy is always clean and sharp; she spends way more time than most people getting ready for work. But does her personal “style” detract from the facility’s aire of professionalism?

A: Yes. The patients and other staff members will not be able to take her seriously since she does not take the time to look more suited for the environment in which she is working. Her appearance may also cause the patrons to question the management’s ability to properly train staff about their work attire. They may also choose put an end to doing business with them as well.

Q3) What are your thoughts on how and why to project a professional image?
A: In order for someone to project a professional image, they have to understand what it means to be professional. Everyone needs to wear the correct clothing and footwear, be sure to cover their tattoos, and remove facial piercings. It is important to project a professional image simply because you are working around other professionals. When someone dresses suitably, a tone is set in the office. Consumers and outside professionals, such as vendors or clients, are more inclined to do business with the company or medical office.

Non Verbal Communication Questions

Q1) Do you think that non-verbal signals could have significantly affected Mr. Colin’s clinic experience?
A: Yes, because no one wants to be ignored. In scene 1, the woman is not making eye...
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