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Topics: Risk, Jews Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1. A. Fear
B. “I am frightened, Mama…There is a rumor going around that they have been taken away. Are they going to take us away too? Please tell me, Mama” (Appleman-Jurman 9). C. This quote expresses fear in how Alicia has been noticing her Jewish schoolmates going missing. She is afraid these awful things may begin to happen to her and her family. By asking her mother she shows she is concerned. There is also a sense of dramatic irony to this quote because the readers know that her fate will turn out much like her friends who have been taken. Alicia’s fear impacts the novel in how it becomes the tone for the rest of the book. Her fear began to control her life as soon as she heard the first rumors.

2. A. Envy
B. “I remember watching as the Christian children walked to school, dressed in their pretty dresses and bright ribbons. They were lovely, and I envied not only their clothes but their freedom to be educated. It was a bitter experience” (Appleman-Jurman 26). C. This quote shows envy in how Alicia wishes to be with the children in her old classroom who still possess the right to learn. Previously being such an incredible student, her school rights being taken away was especially difficult to cope with. At one instance she was so desperate to learn she climbed a tree next to the school in an attempt to listen in on a lesson; in doing so she fell and deeply bruised her side. This event effects the story in how Alicia did not receive the same education she deserved and her envy for the other students caused her to hold anger inside keeping her from feeling complete happiness with her life.

3. A. Impulsiveness
B. “In a moment I was flying through the air, and then crash! I hit a bush. A big branch gave way under me, forming a kind of cradle for my body”(Appleman-Jurman 32). C. This quote shows impulsiveness in how Alicia was fully aware that if she were caught trying to escape she would either be beaten savagely or put to death but knew she had to try...
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