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Model Questions -2068
Faculty of Humanities
Level: BA 1st YearFM: 100
Subject – Compulsory EnglishTime: 3 hours.PM: 35

1. Summarize in one paragraph the main idea of the essay "The Great Answer" by Fulton Oursler or the poem, "Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening".5 2. Edit the following Sentences:5
a. Arun likes to read books or listening to songs.
b. I can't stand the thought of loosing her.
c. He didn't guard no pool.
d. Half frozen, a ski patrol saved me.
e. This guy is really the craziest guy I have ever seen.
3. Apply the four levels of interacting with a text to Koirala's "A Tale" or “The Sword of Damocles".10 4. "Then and Now: Finding My Voice" by Elaine H. Kim presents the Korean – American Child's feeling as an outsider in the American society – discuss.10 OR

Gore's defense of TV is based on its usefulness, especially to poor single mothers. While her young daughter is sitting in front of a TV set, Ariel is able to have some time for herself and carry out some essential work. Do you agree with Gore that usefulness is sufficient reason, for poor working parents, to let their children watch TV four hours a day? Elaborate. 5. "King John and the Abbot of Canterbury" recounts a conflict between the king and the abbot.20 a. Describe the conflict presented in this text.

b. Explain the reason for this conflict.
c. Narrate how this conflict is resolved.
d. Describe a similar conflict you may have had with a friend, stranger, child or parent. 6. Write one paragraph summary of "The Face of Beauty" or "The Kite Runner".6 7. Think of a person who has influenced you. Write at least three characteristics of this person in derail. 6 8. Give definition of any five words and use each in one sentence.8 Personification, symbol, metaphor, simile, endomorphic, mesomorphic, ectomorphic. 9. Write a five paragraph argumentative essay about the ethics of downloading music from the internet without paying. 15 10. Discuss the essential parts and organization of a five paragraph essay.15 SET-2

1. Draw the main idea of "The Brave Little Parrot" or "To His Coy Mistress" in one paragraph. 5 2. Circle the correct choice in the following. 5
a. If I were a bird, I'd eat/eaten flies.
b. There are/is / isn't nothing like home.
c. The queen has several offspring/ offsprings.
d. Bacteria cause/causes several viral problems.
e. Jane is an alumnus/alumna of this university.
3. Apply the four levels of meaning to 'The Telegram on the Table' or “The Library Card".15 4. What does Rushdie mean, when he says that 'defiance is an inevitable and essential aspect of what we call freedom". Do you agree with him? Explain in detail.15 Or

Explain the statement: "Life is Sweet at Kumansenu' can be seen as a statement about the power of love. 5. Do you agree with Asimov in "What Is Intelligence, Anyway?" that human beings can't be placed on a one- dimensional intelligence scale, that they are all made up of a unique mixture of intelligence and stupidity ?10 OR

"A Sound of Thunder" can be interpreted as a critique of modern society. "What kind of society", Bradbury might be asking, would allow heartless corporations and weak – minded thrill-seekers to risk its own future"? Discuss. 6. Write a short summary of one paragraph on "Cherries For My Grandma" or "Appearance and Personality".5 7. Write an essay about a time in your life when you felt powerless in a difficult situation. Use detailed description to make your writing more interesting. 10 8. Discuss the role of 'SAFER' in essay writing.5

9. Should parents be allowed to choose the genetic traits such as gender, eye color or future IQ of their unborn child? Write an essay that discusses how you feel about creating the perfect baby. What...
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