Target Market

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Description of target market
According to the increasing number of companies and offices located everywhere in Bangkok and it does not seems like it will stop in the short period of time, we decided to take this great opportunity to set Businessman as the target market of our restaurant.

Simple, Fast, and Good quality is the concept that we designed to match with the businessman’s life style as much as possible. We know that they are always busy and often in a rush time. Therefore, the restaurant will be opened in the early morning to serve soft drinks to customers that may want something to drink such as coffee to start their busy day. For their hour break at lunch time, our restaurant serve them simple menu for them to grab and go back to their work or maybe if they want to sit and order, we facilitate them with the good food and fast service as well. Even more, it is also comfortable for them to hangout and has a small meeting while having dinner at our restaurant after work until late night.

We expect the gradually increasing size of market since we are new in the market. Also, there should be 80% of Thai and foreign businessman, 10% of family or couple, and another 10% of teenagers passing through that area since the restaurant is located in the middle of business area. With the good location and promotion we offer, the restaurant will be able to attract many people to come in and try our food. Therefore, we expect the increasing the number of people heard and get to know about our restaurant more and more as the time passing by.

Additionally, this 1.1 graph showing the customer growth rate of our restaurant: 1.1

This 1.2 graph showing the profit growth rate of our restaurant 1.2
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