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The Tablet PC and its Impact on the Computer Industry

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The tablet PC is here to stay, and in only two years on the market has taken a large share of new sales. The PC has a history of being immobile, and with a tablet, it is possible for a student, teacher, or businessperson to stay connected to all of his or her vital data. The PC has struggled to advance the coming cloud technology. All that is now changing. In my research paper, I will analyze the impact on the PC industry, corresponding software and OS markets and detail some of the very unique means of deploying a “go to market” strategy, and the managerial economics at work in product life cycle pricing. I will present as the product manager for Apple’s iPad division and outline, using principles of managerial economics, the strategies at work to make the iPad the leader in the tablet market and to beat the market soundly as we continue to innovate.

The Tablet PC and its Impact on the Computer Industry
The Tablet PC has had a serious impact on the way we look at the personal computer in just a few short years. Today it is not uncommon to see students, executives, and reporters alike carrying a tablet in the place of the once ubiquitous notebook / laptop computer. The Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee is requiring students from fourth grade through twelfth to have an iPad for the school year, and we can expect that trend to continue as functionality, ease of use, and price point are all very attractive to teachers and students (Danner-Kuhn, 2011). We at Apple are proud of their choice, and intend to control the tablet market in all facets for years to come until the iPad is synonymous with the tablet. Herein we will present a review of the tablet market, our competition, the challenges we all face, and our particular go-to-market strategies. The Tablet PC

Firstly, what is a tablet PC? A tablet is a cross between a notebook PC and what used to be referred to as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). It is designed with a flat screen and can be loaded with applications from an online market. Content is entered into the screen much as it would be on a slate, by using a finger, or a stylus, as preferred by the customer. The main selling points are the portability and ease of use; and our latest iPad 2 comes in weighing less than a pound. The tablet serves as entertainment on the fly for children and adults, and one of the key advantages of the tablet, besides its portability, is the compatibility with any number of peripheral wireless devices, such as printers, Smartphones, and photo cameras.

A number of operating systems exist today in the market, but of course we prefer our iOS to the competition. Some other examples are those operating systems developed by the Android teams, Windows, and Symbian. Their market shares are show here in the representative graphic Fig. 1. [pic]

We can clearly see our iOS is leading the market, and while others appear to be far behind us, our research shows us the Android system at 17% is growing by approximately one to two percent each quarter for the last year, and is attractive to consumers for several reasons, which we as market leader, need to be aware of and to analyze (, 2011).

Consumers develop preferences for certain types of products, and applying discrete decision making practice as outlined my Michael Baye, in his 2010 work Managerial Economics & Business Strategy, come to...
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