System and Analysus Design Pieces

Topics: Security guard, Security, Surveillance Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Name: Veena Joy C. Taparan BSIT-3 Subject: Systems Analysis Design


P – Jatico-Oporto Optical Clinic is an establishment that provides optical services; eye check ups, sells and provides glasses to the customers. The thing that they need to improve their performance is to provide more effective and safe facilities and machines needed for the eye check ups they will perform.

I – Currently the business only had manual recording of their customer’s records, glasses and lenses products. To improve the information and data of the business, it must have at least running software to use in recording their transactions. Through this they can easily access, verify and see their patients’ and products records providing that it is accurate and useful.

E – As we can see, there are so many optical clinics within the city. Enable to improve economics, control costs, or increase profits they must improve their performance by providing great and good services to the customers. The products must be in good quality with an affordable price. Good facilities, accommodating staffs or owners and cleanliness also the factors in improving their economics.

C – Every establishment, business or organization either big or small must have at least one security guard or even an apprentice or a security camera to secure the entire place. The business must improve their control and security by applying one or two of these precautionary measures because we can’t assure all the time the security of the customers and the business itself.

E – The business especially the owner will do supervise and facilitate well of his/ her people’s efficiency. In terms of the salary the owner must pay accordingly and enough to the people in the business. In improving the efficiency it must be good that the business will hire those people who are experts, professionals and good enough to the related work.

S – In improving service...
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