Sop for Handling Theft, Robbery Cases

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PURPOSE: To establish procedures for discouraging Robbery/Snatching/Theft/Fraud cases & also safeguard cash, stock, goods & assets of Company.

RESPONSIBILITIES: All employees are handling cash, stock, goods etc., must ensure compliance with this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).



1. All Branch Managers/Sub-Branch Managers/D.C. Managers will ensure before closing the office that all vans have entered in the branch, cash has been counted & kept in safe, security guards has taken their positions etc. 2. Security guards should have different positions but the position is like that every one keeping an eye on other guard. 3. After office hour no employee or outsider will be allowed for entering branch premises. 4. In case of emergency guard will take the permission first from head of the premises i.e. BM/SUB-BM/D.C.Manager. Having got the permission, person should be allowed to enter the premises. 5. During weekly holidays/gazzited holidays no one will be allowed to enter the office premises. If there is any need guard will call first to concerned manager (BM/SUB-BM/D.C.Manager) , take the permission then the person will be allowed to enter the office, otherwise guards / security agency will be responsible for any type of incident.

6. In case of robbery in the premises concerned Managers (BM/SUB-BM/D.C.Manager) will intimate to the Senior Management (DMD / Directors) (H.O) through his Departmental Head. Management will reconcile the lost stock & cash etc., then concerned Manager (BM/SUB-BM/D.C.Manager) will approach Police station for FIR , however he will inform the details including loss details to his departmental head in head office, who would subsequently take up the matter with Manager cash management (Mr. Arshad), for intimation to the Insurance Company regarding the loss.

1. Branch Manager/Sub-Branch Manager/D.C. Manager will be responsible for reconcilling the cash, stocks & goods etc., on daily basis/weekly basis/monthly basis. 2. Any type of shortage i.e. cash, stocks, goods etc., will be treated as theft.

3. It is the responsibility of BM/Sub-BM/D.C. Manager that if any employee do not deposit his short cash, stocks & goods within three days, concerned manager (BM/SUB-BM/D.C.Manager) will report to Senior Management (H.O) through his Departmental Head. 4. In case of sales return RSM/ASM/FM will be responsible to ensure that stock has been returned to the concern warehouse, otherwise RSM/ASM/FM will also be accountable alongwith TSO/Supplier. 5. It is the responsibility of RSM/ASM/FM that if any TSO/Supplier violate any rule / policy / SOP of the company which may lead to any loss to company , they will report it to the Senior Management (H.O) through their Departmental Head, other wise they will be also held responsible.


1. First of all, the Branch Manager will ensure that all the trade vans are fitted with strong quality safe and lock. 2. After receiving cash amount from one shop, the supplier will first drop it in the safe and then proceed to the next shop. He will not carry cash for more than Rs. 1500/- for the purpose of change. Amount stolen in violation of this restriction will be paid by him. Request for deduction of amount from the supplier’s salary to be initiated by the respective Branch Manager, He will forward this request to business line manager who will further process it to the Accounts Dept. 3. The telecom TSO will not carry amount more than the authorized limit, that is, Rs.30,000/-. Amount stolen in excess of said amount, will be paid by the concerned TSO to make up the loss. The request for recovery from TSO’s salary will be...
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