System Design

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MIS 201 Introduction to MIS
UML Class Diagram Exercise #3b

Spring 2010

21 March 2010


Flying Fish is organizing its corporate information before it creates an extension of their existing business on the Web. Their new business, Flying, will provide fish owners with advice on fish health, behavior and nutrition, and sell such products as aquariums, filters, heaters, decorations, and water treatment aids. The web site will also have capabilities for fish owners to exchange electronic messages about their fish and fish care with other owners.

You have been asked to construct a database for Flying, organizing their information on customers, fish care products, and fish care books. The following business rules govern the database you are to construct:

Customers can purchase either books or fish care products; a customer may purchase many books or many fish care products, or may purchase none of each. A given book can be purchased by one and only one customer and a given fish care product can be purchased by one and only one customer.

Books are tracked by ISBN number and serial number, as well as by title, author, book type (type of fish), price, date received, date sold, and purchase status (sold or not sold). Flying carries only fish care books.

Fish care products are tracked by item number and serial number, as well as by manufacturer, product name, fish type (tropical, domestic), invoice price, purchase price, date sold, and purchase status (sold or not sold). Flying only carries fish care products.

Customers are tracked by a customer identification number, last name, first name, and fish type (tropical, domestic, or both).

The company would like to generate reports that show their customers and the products or books they have purchased over the past year.


Create a UML diagram for Flying, including the classes, attributes, relationships, primary keys,...
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