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Synergetic Solutions Inc.
Amy R. Simmons
COM - 530 Communications for Accountants
November 26, 2012
Dr. Ed Wirth

Synergetic Solutions
Synergetic Solutions Inc. is a system integration company that has secured a network design order worth $1.2 million with the possibility of $5 million more in the works (University of Phoenix, 2012). Synergetic has five locations on the East coast and employees 300 people, most of them being in sales and service departments (University of Phoenix, 2012). There are obvious changes that need to take place, but implementing those changes is not quite as straightforward as recognizing that need for the change, due to both internal and external forces of change posing resistance. Synergetic must get the leadership and the employees on board with these changes by explaining the need for the change and how the changes will come to fruition through sound communication and understanding.

Three internal forces of change that Synergetic is facing are the improvement of operational efficiencies, organizational effectiveness, and employee well-being (University of Phoenix, 2012). The improvement of operational efficiencies can be enhanced by finding qualified individuals with relevant experience and certifications to come on board for the network design solutions side of the house, which will not only assist with operation efficiencies, these individuals will provide the skillsets necessary to reduce expenses, thus improving the production standards (University of Phoenix, 2012). By revamping their current compensation packages and offering incentives for improved performance Synergetic is improving organizational effectiveness.

When implementing the changes mentioned above there will be many things for the leaders of Synergetic to consider, but the most important are how to reach the goal and how the change is going to affect the employees. There are several model approaches that can assist with implementation of the...
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