Communication and Trust in an Organization

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Communication and Trust in an Organization
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Communication and Trust in an Organization
Trust is the reciprocal faith that the intentions and behaviors of another will consider the implications for you. (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012)There are three forms of trust: contractual, communication, and competence.  In my organization, communication and trust are extremely important. For example, leadership in my business takes a head on approach to issues that may affect the group as a whole. Because of some internal reorganization, some team members would lose their job due to this change. My team is a tight knit group of people and management knew that changes would affect the team as well as the team morale. Leadership knew that the delivery of this message had to be handled with respect and empathy. The changes were not communicated with a generic email instead leadership met with the people individually followed by an all associates meeting to make announcements. The manner in which leadership handled this situation demonstrated to the team the commitment to of leadership to building trust so that the team would have confidence in the process. Leadership felt that not communicating the truth would not change the outcome of the situation. It is never easy to deliver unpleasant news because there is the fear of the unknown. How will the employees react? Will the employees retaliate or leave? Will the work environment become hostile? How will the change productivity? Many employees or organizations may perceive change as threatening because it challenges ones complacency within the organization, but change is certain and to remain relevant and competitive in the market place. Consistent and transparent communication to employees encourages employees to be accepting of the impeding changes. A successful leader will motivate the work force by describing the organization’s vision for its future, how achieving that vision will ensure a...
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